She weighed all of 6 lbs 6 ounces and this was 2 1/2 weeks after she was born.  She was so tiny and perfect and very awake!

Every photographer will tell you that to get those really good sleepy time pictures of a newborn you want to get them in the first 10 days if possible.  There is just something miraculous about them that when they reach that number something switches in them and they just change.  No longer are they the sleepy balls of clay that can be molded and folded into all sorts of poses but awake and aware creatures that just wonder what the heck you are doing to them.  And for the most part I agree, but that is not to say you cant still capture those perfect sleepy time shots.  It just requires a bit more patience from both the mother and photographer.

Enter Stella Rose.  She was wide awake and watching everything that everyone was doing.  I was there for about 40 minutes before we got her good and sleepy to where we could get down to work with her.  But in the meantime it was a great opportunity to talk with the new "big Sister" and get to know the family some more.  Learning the character and the familys' dynamic can help you create that special portrait for them.  The proof is in the pudding my mom always said.  

So heres the proof mom.........advice well given 

I will say that while that above stated rule is very sound and wise.....There is always an exception to the rule.  I would like to thank Stellas' mother for allowing me to capture a truly special and important moment for them.  I hope these portraits will be a treasured memory for you and all your family and friends.


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