As a child I loved this time of year.  Leaves were everywhere and in so many different colors and hues.  Fall is literally a playground for me as a photographer.  And while I was visiting a friend of mine I spied her Elm tree and just had to take some pictures.  Of course I snagged her and her girls as well.

One of the things I love about location photography is the fact that nine times out of ten it is in their own backyard.  And the look on their faces when I show them their proofs it just priceless.  Most of the time they are so busy they just dont see the possibilities that surround them.  And capturing that gives them an added bonus to their photos.  The knowledge of knowing the magic of their portrait was in or around their home is priceless.

So enjoy the beauty that surrounds us all.  Take a moment to slow down the hustle and bustle that has become our lives and look at what you have missed.  See all the wonders and capture them for yourself.  Or better yet.....give me a call and lets see what we can capture together.


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