It has been a busy four days.  Two children sessions, booking a wedding, and another three possible sessions lined up for the end of June sometime.  And somewhere in there I have my new nephew arriving and a vacation with my family.  Whew! Busy but loving it!

So my latest session was with another of my friends from my MOPS group.  For those of you who don't know MOPS is  Mothers Of Preschoolers.  (I highly recommend this organization to any mother.  I would not survive without  their love and support.)  We had decided to meet up at her house as her lil guy had a "friend" they wanted to include in some of their shots.  Low and behold it was another MOPS mom and her lil girl.  So i started to look around for where we could get some shots of them together.  I soon discovered that the neighbors had this beautiful split rail garden.  What a perfect back drop!

We headed outdoor with the kids in tow and just told them to go exploring.  They quickly found the garden and I started snapping.  But all too soon she had to leave and we set off to get some other shots. 

Earlier in the day I had found an older gazebo and natural rock boat ramp that I thought would just be perfect for some shots.  So we get to the location and he makes a bee line for the steps of the gazebo.  He then proceeds to "scoot" on his bottom down all the stairs.  Uh ohh........this could be a challenge.

So when life gives you a boy who loves stairs.......give the boy different stairs to scoot up and down.  Thankfully there were a couple different sets of stairs very near by.  :)  I really did have a blast taking his pictures.  He is such a sweet little boy with the most joyful laugh.  I can't wait until I can do it again.  
........But maybe next time I will keep him away from stairs.

Until next time everyone,
9/23/2012 10:22:29 pm

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